Is Marshawn Lynch a Hall of Famer??

Late last week we heard the news that all Seahawks fans didn’t want to hear, Marshawn Lynch has retired. I couldn’t help but think of how lucky I was to be able to witness such a great player, and one that actually played for my favorite team. There are so many plays that Lynch (Beast Mode) brought to us that we will never forget. The Beast Quake run against New Orleans in the playoffs, the run against the Cardinals in the regular season last year, when he pathetically pushed Patrick Peterson off him like he was a toddler. There are so many great plays from Beast Mode’s career that it would take to long to put in a blog, and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to watch most of his career play out in Seattle. As his career has came to an end, we must ask the question that is asked whenever a great player retires, is Lynch a Hall of Famer??

In my honest opinion, I strongly believe that Marshawn Lynch is a Hall of Famer. If you don’t want to take my word for it, I’ll present you with statistics of other HOF inductees from the past. For instance, Earl Campbell, who played from 1978-1985, was a great running back for the Houston Oilers, and one of the greatest running backs to ever play. Campbell rushed for 9,407 yards in a remarkable 8 year career. In comparison, Beast Mode ran for a career total of 9,112 yards, and attempted fewer runs than Campbell did in his career (2,187 Att, to 2,144). Both of these great players played with the same power, and aggressiveness that us fans ask for, and we love them for it. Campbell is a great choice to compare these two greats because they played with the same style, and should both be hall of famers. Beast Mode meant everything to the Seattle Seahawks Franchise and fans, played really exciting, and never took a play off while he was on the field. So, you tell me, why doesn’t he belong in the HOF??



What RB Reggie Bush used to be like

On Sunday Morning I saw running back Reggie Bush (Who plays for the San Francisco 49’ers) tear his ACL, and end his season on a non-contact injury. As I saw this injury occur, and reflected on what his career has been, I couldn’t help but think of what the running back was like in The University of Southern California. Many young fans of football today don’t remember what college Reggie Bush was like, and I’ll say it, he is the best college football PLAYER I’ve ever seen. The USC football team was irrelevant before Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll arrived, and they both single-handedly changed the culture back to what USC football used to be about. Reggie Bush’s best year statistically in college was his Junior year in 2005, and it’s the best season I’ve ever witnessed from a running back (Besides Adrian Peterson). Reggie Bush ran for 1,740 yards from scrimmage, and averaged 8.7  yards per carry (yes, you did read that right). He had 2,218 years from scrimmage, and had 18 TD’s to go on his resume. Reggie Bush helped me attain the love of football that I have today; I remember playing outside near my house pretending to juke players like Reggie Bush did, or leap into the end zone like Bush did so many times in his career. Bush’s elusiveness was unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. He would stop on a dime so quick, it would take defenders three extra steps to try to stop and catch him (and at that point Bush already put 6 on the board). As Bush’s NFL career has been mediocre, my memories of Reggie Bush hasn’t been his famous love life (Kim Kardashian) or his NCAA scandal, it has been while he was in a USC uniform, and how he helped show me the love of football through his play on the field.


Can Elite High School Football Players make an impact in the NFL?

This question has been a hot topic of discussion for years now, and it’s a very intriguing topic to discuss. Back in 2004 two prominent college football athletes at the time by the name of Maurice Clarett, and Mike Williams Sued the NFL for having to wait three years out of high school before they could enter the draft. Surprisingly, they initially won their lawsuit, but it was overturned by the United States Court of Appeals a few months later. These two gentleman started a national debate that still lingers today, “Should High School athletes be allowed the chance to play in the NFL?” and it still is a very interesting topic. I do believe that it is unconstitutional to not allow high school athletes the chance to play in the NFL right out of high school, BUT I do think it’s a good thing overall. Can you imagine getting your keys to your fathers Bentley once you turned 18? or being in charge of a fortune 500 company once you graduated high school? That’s what it would be like going to the NFL at such a young age. You think NFL players are immature? imagine an 18 year old being the face of a franchise that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars; that smells like danger/trouble for me. I’m sorry football fans, but I don’t want to see an 18 year old being carted off the field because he didn’t see a hit from Kam Chancellor coming, or see a kid have a concussion the first game because he lowered his head against Luke Kuechly. The immaturity factor has to play a large part in this equation as well. There are many players who are immature while talking to the media (Deangelo Hall, Antonio Cromartie) and they are in their mid 20’s at the earliest, imagine what an 18 year old would say in front of the camera after a reporter asks him a tough question? I do believe that their are many great high school athletes who will be the next future face of the NFL, but from immaturity, to rising concussion problems in the National Football League, College is without-a-doubt a smarter option.

Are the Cardinals a legitimate team or a fluke?

The Cardinals are one of the best teams in the league right now, but questions of success in the future still have to be brought into the question. Carson Palmer has posted insane offensive numbers, Scoring 42 points a game (1st in PPG in the NFL) and throwing for 266.3 yards per game (9th in Pass YDs in the NFL) are amazing in its own right. Larry Fitzgerald seems to have risen from the dead, scoring 5 TD’s in three games, while posting 23 receptions. The Cardinals defense is a force in of itself as well, with Tyrann Mathieu emerging as the leader of the defense, and adding Lamarr Woodley and Sean Witherspoon have added great veteran depth to the Cardinals front 7. While they are seeing success early, we must be cognizant of their track record. Carson Palmer has NEVER won a playoff game (0-2 in playoffs) and seems to unfortunately get injured when teams need him the most. While Palmer and his team have posted ridiculous numbers, it has been against poor competition at best. The three teams that the Cardinals have played have a combined record of 1-8, and according to Power Ranking’s, are 28th, 31st, and 32nd respectably. They have played the Saints, Bears, and 49’ers over their three games this season; the Saints have given up 28.0 ppg this season, the Bears have given up 35.o ppg this season, and the 49’ers have given up 31.o ppg this season.   Needless to say, they haven’t played a great offense, and certainly not a great defense. I hope the Cardinals can stay healthy and produce a fine football team this season, but once they play legitimate competition, and have a starting quarterback who can actually play a full season at 35, I can’t fully believe in the Arizona Cardinals.

Who is the Best Quarterback in the NFL this Season so far?

I am aware that there is still a lot of time left in the season, and there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered surrounding quarterbacks, but I think the best quarterback in the NFL this season is pretty easy to answer. Many would say Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, or even surprisingly Big Ben. In my opinion, it’s without question Mr. Tom Brady himself. Many call him a cheater, a scumbag, but I would simply just call him a winner. As a Seahawks fan it’s hard to get over what happened in February, but you have to call a spade a spade, Tom Brady is virtually unstoppable, and he is continuing that style of play into this season. In the first three weeks of the Season Brady has yet to throw a pick, and has an average passer rating of almost 120. Those stats are great among themselves, but to say that he put up a staggering 466 yards against the “vaunted” Rex Ryan defense, and a passer rating of 105.6 triumphs any other quarterback in the NFL season thus far. I know, Aaron Rodgers is a BAD man as Stephen. A Smith of ESPN First Take would say, but his opponents (a banged up Kansas City Secondary and a Kam-Less Seahawks Secondary) don’t amount to the Bills defense in the slightest. Tom Brady doesn’t have a discount double check dance, nor a Tarkenton like mobility around the pocket, but the man has 4 rings in his career, and that’s more than Aaron Rodger’s 6-5 playoff record can say

Tom Brady